The Amsterdam Declaration

Volt Europa is campaigning with one single programme across Europe: the Amsterdam Declaration. This document has been created by hundreds of volunteers, reviewed by experts, and voted upon. It is our vision for Europe, and what we pledge to fight for.

How exactly do we want to do all this? Read our supporting document, which outlines in detail how we plan to achieve our commitments.

In short:

#1 Fix the EU

  • creating a strong political union
  • empowering its citizens
  • increasing security and accountability

#2 Make Europe an economic powerhouse

  • boosting growth and standards of living
  • investing in the future
  • putting education first

#3 Build a just and sustainable society

  • seizing green opportunities
  • managing migration humanely and responsibly
  • pushing for fairness and equality

From the Foreword:

In a time of great political tensions, a group of Europeans from all walks of life decided it was time to stand up for what they believed in. It was time to act; Volt was born.

We came together to fight for a better society, to express our commitment towards cooperation, and to outline our belief in a shared future. Ours is a message of hope, of courage, and of solidarity. A message for all to see that divisions will not tear down what our parents have built. Volt was created to re-energise Europe and to solve the issues we all have in common. Volt offers Europeans a new vision for Europe, one that embraces the EU’s common aspirations and that faces its shortcomings head-on.

Today, Volt is running for the European Parliament, to bring new energy to politics and to shape the Europe we all need.

A Europe based on a strong political Union, where risks are shared, where benefits reach all Europeans, and where every person has a voice. A Union that shall be fixed. A Europe with a robust economy that provides opportunities for all, now and for generations to come. A Union that is an economic powerhouse. A Europe that takes care of its people, where children enjoy a cleaner environment, where migration flows are managed together, and where rights are guaranteed and responsibilities shared. A truly progressive Union.

Unprecedented in European history, Volt will campaign for the European elections on a single, common platform: the Amsterdam Declaration. A platform which is both visionary and realistic. Volt wants to ensure that it delivers on its promises, while settling for nothing less than a new and improved Europe.

This programme details what Volt aims to achieve in the European Parliament, and is supported by a longer document explaining in more details what we will do and how we will do it. Volt has ensured that all of its commitments can be worked upon in the European Parliament.