Antwerp Local Assembly 01.02.22

Antwerp Local Assembly 01.02.22

30 Jan 2022, 02:35:37 UTC

Dear Antwerp team!

We’re happy to invite you to our first local assembly of Volt Antwerp on 1 February 2022 from 19:30 to 22:00!

The Volt Antwerp Team was founded in 2018 by our sweet momma bear, Evert Kanse. He pushed us to reach our potential and made sure we could participate in the local elections in 2018 and further on in the federal elections of 2019.

Led by Jens Verwilligen in 2019, the Antwerp team participated in these federal elections and made some great results. Our team did a tremendous job campaigning and giving our all!

We had teambuildings, events and our meetings took place in person and on a regular basis. On many occasions we came together for drinks and brainstorming. Proving that embarking on Volt’s journey towards a better way of politics isn’t all that dull.

Then, sadly, covid was there in 2020. Belgium went into lockdown and so did Volt Antwerp. Our city leads took a role on the national level while their positions in Volt Antwerp were left vacant.

We had the opportunity to meet a few times with the team in person (remember the dinner in the ‘Sinjoor’). How much have we missed that?!

Antwerp, it’s time to wake up!

Even though our local assembly will be held online, we’re sure this is what we need to reassemble our team for the elections in 2024!

First step: finding new city leads for Volt Antwerp. A city lead has to be a legal member of Volt Belgium and will represent the team of Antwerp.

Interested in the City-lead position?

To apply for the city-lead position, please send your candidacy to before January 30th with a short motivation and/or introduction. The vote will already be sent out that evening.

Agenda of the local assembly

19:30 : Start of the local assembly
19.35 : Welcome by Volt Antwerp
19.45 : Presenting our city lead candidates
20:00 : A word by our presidents
20:15 : Special guest from the European level
20:30 : What is happening with Volt Nederland? (Local elections & strategy)
21:00 : Policy making: how to build policies? (by Bram)
21:15 : Strategy: where is Volt Antwerp going?
22.00 : End vote for city leads and announce results

Participation info

Link to join the online Local Assembly:

Everyone is welcome to attend. Eligible members, ie. legal members registered in the province of Antwerp, will receive a separate voting link by email on Sunday January 30th via adoodle.

See you there!

The Volt Antwerp Team ‍💜