Fundraising campaign

Fundraising campaign

06 Jan 2023, 16:18:25 UTC

We are Fundraising for a Full Time Communications Lead to Get Volt Belgium Elected at the 2024 Elections

Volt Belgium is starting into the year 2023 with a fundraising campaign to get elected at the 2024 elections. We are aiming to fundraise a total of EUR 82,000 for a full-time employee in communications/digital marketing that can support us from spring/summer this year until at least the end of 2024. 

We are starting this fundraiser now because a successful campaign depends on a professional communication lead capable of articulating our message and orchestrating our exposure at all relevant political levels using the most appropriate media. 

These are the (sub) goals that we want to achive throughout the year:



JAN 23--------APR 23-----------JUL 23-----------DEC 23

As a new party we depend on private donations donations to run campaigns. If you would like to meaningfully contribute to Volt’s election success in 2024, think about donating to us. 

The advantages of donating to Volt Belgium:

  • You will directly contribute to shaping Volt's future success in Belgium, the beating heart of Europe.
  • You will help our new party become visible in the Belgian political spectrum, something that is desperately needed. 
  • You will become a distinguished member of the exclusive Schuman circle, a European network of donors for Volt who donate >1k per year. 

We highly appreciate every kind of donation, from 5 EUR to 50,000 EUR. We are receiving donations via the Volt bank account (details below).

If you are interested to donate more than EUR 1000, please contact the board of Volt Belgium.

Account details:

  • Beneficiary: Volt Belgie - Belgique - Belgien A.S.B.L.
  • IBAN: BE29 0689 1061 0664
  • Subject: Donation elections