Our functional Teams

Functional teams are teams that assist the Executive Committee to keep the party running. We are working with the four pillar model in which we have four functional teams that are essential in keeping the party running. There are also other functional teams that are very important, most of which only work on a project basis.

The Four Pillars


Working with new and old members

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  • Member management
    • Onboarding of new members
    • Buddy project
  • Community organisation
    • Establishing local teams
  • Community projects
    • Diversity project
    • Women empowerment


Taking care of internal and external communication

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  • Manage communication of Volt Belgium
    • Marketing & Social Network
    • Newsletters & Announcements
  • Relation with press
  • Develop communication strategy
    • Communication to prospective and current members
    • Aid local teams in their communication


Drafting policies: making the Volt vision come true

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The Policy Team is divided in different policy group who each meet up regularly to discuss a certain policy topic, where a vision is being converted into a drafted policy. Each policy group has their own facilitator.


Organising recurring and one-time events

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The event team mainly assists other functional teams and the Executive Committee in the organisation of events, be it in real life, or online.