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Carlo Giovanni Giudice
Co-President of Volt Belgium
Email: carlogiovanni.giudice@volteuropa.org
Phone: +32 497 85 11 05


Nature Restoration Law: It's time for decisions, not old-fashioned politics

11 Jul 2023, 19:31:41
About strong ambitions for a better future

Rise for Climate demonstration

05 Jul 2023, 18:27:46
Volt Belgium attended Rise for Climate demonstration and calls for action to save the nature restoration law

Volt Belgium Elects New Leadership

23 Apr 2022, 16:00:00

Volt Belgium’s response to the new Covid-19 measures

26 Nov 2021, 13:57:31

Volt Belgium’s General Assembly a big success!

22 Nov 2021, 14:10:09