Abortion is a Human Right

Abortion is a Human Right

29 Jun 2022, 13:58:50 UTC

On June 24 the Supreme Court of Justice of the USA decided to overturn Roe v Wade, meaning that abortion is no longer a constitutional right. We, the people, of Volt Belgium, are shocked by this ruling and consider this a major step back. Though this ruling has no direct effect on Belgium, we do see that this anti-abortion sentiment has far-reaching consequences in Europe, with the recent change in law in Poland being an example.

Our heart goes out to our fellow human beings whose uterus is being hijacked and who are forced to carry and raise a child against their will. Here in Belgium we are very fortunate with the progressive and medicine-based laws regarding abortion, and we support any effort that is currently being done in constitutionalising women's right.

The autonomy of women's bodies should not be up for discussion and we call upon the European Union to hold their member states accountable for following basic human rights. Volt Belgium will continue to fight for equality for women any way we can.

Belgium Abortion is a Human Right