Volt Belgium’s General Assembly a big success!

Volt Belgium’s General Assembly a big success!

22 Nov 2021, 14:10:09 UTC
  • First in-person General Assembly of Volt Belgium since Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Important approval of Political Vision Pillars and Belgian policies

22 November 2021

Liège – On Saturday 20th of November, the General Assembly (GA) of Volt Belgium brought together members in person and online to decide on a number of political vision pillars and national mapping of policies. The political assembly lays the foundation for the policy and electoral program of Volt in the run up to 2024. The GA also decided on the budget of 2022 and saw presentations from various teams. To the joy of all attending, we were joined by the recently elected European board member Anouk Ooms.

“General Assemblies are key moments in the life of Volt Belgium, where members actively can shape the direction of the chapter. The GA is also an important event in the social events calendar as new and longstanding members get to know each other better!” - Co-President Olivia ten Horn

“This General Assembly was a crucial step towards the 2024 elections. Over the past months our members were involved in the creation process of our political vision and new policies. Today this vision, as well as several policies that will be a part of Volt’s Belgian federal electoral program, were approved by the GA.” - Co-President Jordy Vanpoucke

Our policy building is the beating heart of our movement, where pragmatism, evidence-based policies and citizen participation are guiding principles in our policy process. A large group of volunteering members worked on our policies and political vision in the months before the general assembly.  In attachment we present to you our political vision, which shows which direction in our society we envision on all important aspects of life.    

The Board wants to thank everyone that attended this GA, in person, or remotely. In particular we want to thank our members that made this GA happen, such as João Nóbrega for chairing the GA, our Electoral Board and the EUR Tech team for making the votes run smoothly, our Secretary Generals, our functional leads and the facilitators for presenting, and our members Manon Michon and Lucio Franceschini for organising the practicalities of making our GA hybrid and covid-safe.

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