Volt commits to Pride

Celebrating pride is an opportunity to show the beauty of our diverse society but also to raise awareness on the challenges that our LGTBIQ+ siblings face every day.

Volt has since its foundation stood up for the protection and the upholding of the rights of our queer siblings. In Belgium, Volt has participated as well as organised numerous activities to raise the awareness of the existence and the challenges of the queer community. Past activities included the Pride Walks during the the Pride month of 2021, the Volt Diversity calls with speakers from the LGTBIQ+ community as well as signing the charters of the Belgian pride, which you read more about here below.

BE Pride Polaert 2
BE Pride Carpe Diem

Belgian Pride Charter

Volt Belgium signed on 17.05.2022, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the Belgian Pride charter 2022.

With regard to the LGBTI+ community, Volt Belgium commits to:

  • actively fight for equal rights and equal treatment of LGBTI+ people in Belgium and all over the world.
  • actively fight against all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual characteristics or gender expression.
  • actively fight against homo-, lesbo-, bi-, trans-, intersex- and serophobia.
  • collaborate in the communication and support of the theme of Belgian Pride 2022: "Open". The text of the theme can be found on our website www.pride.be/en/open.
  • to adhere to the charters of the previous editions of the Belgian Pride (from 2016 to date) and to respect them.

In general, the signatory refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights* and clearly rejects any form of discrimination on the grounds described in the Belgian law on discrimination, namely:

  • nationality, race, skin color, origin, ethnic origin or nationality, age, gender, disability, religion or belief, marital status, birth, means, political affiliation, present or future state of health, physical or genetic properties, social origin, gender identity, gender expression, sex, language or trade union beliefs.