… a vote for tomorrow, not for yesterday.
The challenges of the 21st century cannot be solved with yesterday's ideas. Belgium cannot combat climate change or solve the refugee crisis on its own.
It is imperative to embrace new ideas compatible with the demands of the 21st century, by actively engaging all generations and empowering young people all over Europe.

It is time for Europe

Volt is the positive alternative in politics, working towards a modern and prosperous Europe for all.

Millions of Europeans have already rewarded us with their votes at the local, national and European levels.

We are the very first pan-European political party with over 20,000 members and more than 100 representatives in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and Italy.

Our aim is a strong and united Europe that is resilient against those who seek to undermine our democratic achievements.

Together, we are generation Europe.

What do we want?

Our top ten priorities

for the federal and regional elections of 2024 were chosen at our Winter Preferendum. Which was a democratic grassroots exercise to shape our 2024 electoral program.

  1. Belgian & Regional Infrastructure and Connectivity, with an emphasis on investments in green infrastructure
  2. Mobility and Public Transport
  3. Tax Justice
  4. Energy Transition
  5. A Common European Defense (federal)
    The Future of Education (regional)
  6. Climate Change Mitigation
  7. Equal opportunities for everyone
  8. Electoral Reform (federal)
    Housing and City Planning (regional)
  9. Strategic expansion of EU competences
  10. Increased citizen participation and involvement